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Phone No
1 Mrs.Seena Jose Sr.Accounts Officer DKS 23392001-4/1431 9810826530
2 Mr.Rakesh Mishra Accounts Officer Budget 23392001-4/1439 9818790441
3 Mr.Pawan Kumar Accounts Officer Budget 23392001-4/1441 9811227196
4 Mrs.Asha Mukharjee Accounts Officer Exp-IV 23392001-4/1433 9999536531
5 Mrs.Pattammal Anand Accounts Officer Exp-IV 23392001-4/1436 9654495323
6 Mr.Srinivas V. Accounts Officer Exp-IV 23392001-4/1436
7 Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Kurup Accounts Officer Accounts 23392001-4/1437
8 Mrs.Subhadra Mani Accounts Officer Accounts 23392001-4/1445 9868828673
9 Mr.Hemant kishore Accounts Officer Budget 23392001-4/1423 9938268374
10 Mr.Vijay Lakhwani Accounts Officer Accounts 23392001-4/1437
11 Mrs.P.P.Rajni Assistant Accounts Officer Accounts 23392001-4/1445
12 Mr.Suresh Kumar M. Assistant Accounts Officer Exp-IV 23392001-4/1433 9868252121
13 Mr.Tarun Chaturvedi Assistant Accounts Officer Budget 23392001-4/1421 9810063075
14 Mr.R.C.S.Bisht Assistant Accounts Officer Budget 23392001-4/1421 9958690621
15 Mr.K.P.S.Menon Assistant Accounts Officer Accounts 23392001-4/1437
16 Mr.K.S.Adhikari Assistant Accounts Officer Accounts 23392001-4/1445
17 Mr.Vinod Kumar Rana Assistant Accounts Officer Exp-I 23392001-4/
18 Mr.Subhash Wadhwa Assistant Accounts Officer Exp-II 23392001-4/
19 Mr.Anand Kumar Singh Assistant Accounts Officer Exp-V 23392001-4/
20 Mr.Ajay Kumar Assistant Accounts Officer Exp-VI 23392001-4/1426 9899825124
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