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1-Forms to be kept in Service Book of the employees:

(a) Home Town Declaration Form

( As per OM No 43/15/57-Ests.(A) dated 24.06.1958) (Required under LTC Rules)

(b) Nomination for Gratuity

(Rule 53 (1) of CCS Pension Rule 1972 (Form 2 & 3))

(c) Nomination for GPF

(As per Rule 5 (3) of GPF Rules 1960)

(d) Nomination for CGEGIS

(e) Nomination for Arrear of Family Pension (Form7)

[ Rule 5 (1) & 5 (5) of Payment of arrear of Pension (Nomination Rule)]

(f) Nomination for commutation of Pension Form 12

(Rule 7 of CCS Commutation of Pension Rule 1981)

(g) Detail of family

Rule 54 (12) of CCS Pension Rule 1972.)

2-Personal Claim Forms:

(i)Earned Leave Form

[ Under Rule 14 of FRSR Part-III “Leave Rules”]

(ii)Conveyance charges Reimbursement form

[ Under T.A.Rules ]

(iii) T.A. Form [ Under FRSR T.A. Rules & R&P Rules 1983 ]

(a)TA on Tour [GAR 14 A (See Rule 66 (1) & 90(1)(1)]

(b) TA on Transfer [GAR 14 A (See Rule 66 (1) & 90(1)(1)]

(iv) LTC Form [ Under L.T.C. Rules 1960 ]

(a) LTC advance form

(b) LTC concession form (GAR 14-C of R&P Rules 1983)

(v) GPF Form [ Under GPF Rules 1960 ]

(a) GPF advance form

(b) GPF withdrawal form

(c) GPF Final Payment Form [ Annexure-‘D’]

(vi) Medical Form [under Medical Attendance Rules & DGH Scheme ]

(a) Medical Reimbursement Forms 97

(b) Essentiality Certificate “A”

(c) Essentiality Certificate “B”

(vii) Other Advances [ Compendium of Advances]

(a) Advances for purchase of Scooter/Motor car/ Motor cycle/ Personal Computer Form VI

(see GOI decision below Rule 21 )

(b) Advance for purchase of Fan (Form VI-A)

(see GOI’s decision (1) below Rule 38 (D))

(c) Application for Flood Advance (see Rule 64)

3- Utilization Certificate [ See Rule 212(1) GFR 2005 ]

(a) GFR 19

(b) GFR 19 A

4- UTCGEIS [ Annxure “C” Pre-receipted bill / GAR-44 ]
5-Tuition Fee Reimbursement Form
[ Form (2) Para 25 of Children Education Assistance ]
6- Pension Retirement Benefit Forms [ CCS Pension Rules 1972]
(Superannuation Pension, Vol., Retirement, Compulsory Retirement, Invalid Pension, Death Cases Family Pension, Extra-ordinary Pension]

[( See Website of Principal Accounts Office ( ]

7- Annual Property Return
8- Performa for Grant of MACP
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