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Drugs Control Department

The Drugs Control Department of Delhi is a Regulatory Department. It regulates manufacture of drugs & cosmetics for sale and sales of drugs. The Department carries out following functions, which have interface with public.


  1. Grants/renews licences for manufacture of Allopathic Drugs, including whole human blood and blood components, surgical dressings. Medical devices and Medicinal gases etc, Homoeopathic Medicines and Cosmetics.
  2. Grants/renews licences for sale of allopathic drugs and homoeopathic medicines.
  3. Grants/renews licences for the restricted sale of house hold remedy medicines by General Stores.
  4. Grants/renews Approval of Private Testing Laboratories for carrying out testing of drugs/cosmetics and raw materials used in their manufacture on behalf of the licensees.
  5. Grants/renews loan licences for the manufacture of allopathic drugs and cosmetics to persons/firm's who do not have their own facility for manufacture of such items.
  6. Grants licences for manufacture of drugs for the purpose of examination, test or analysis
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Drugs Control Department Govt of NCT of Delhi
Last Updated : 30 Jan,2020